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Meet the florist

Amour de Gitane is an Italian floral studio currently based in San Francisco and owned by Andrea Bergamaschi.

The studio is actually working in California & Italy.

After graduating in Fashion Design in Milan, Andrea worked for several years in the fashion industry. However, her love for nature led her to pursue a career in floral design, allowing her to immerse herself in art, beauty, and nature.


Andrea thinks about floral design as an art, where flowers are like colors, and the final result is akin to a painting.

Every project is a different oil painting.


Her mission as a floral designer is to help people appreciate the beauty of floral products that respect the seasons.

She believes that there is nothing more beautiful than flowers that perfectly capture the essence of the current season.

Her creations are foam-free, as she is always searching for new sustainable techniques to approach flowers and the world with respect.

As a creative artist, she finds it important to bring beauty into the world and elevate everyday spaces with her floral art.

Her style is romantic and natural, but she is always striving to evolve and incorporate new design techniques.

If you would like to know my full story this are the links:

Click here for original Italian version on

Click here for the English version

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